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Mike: Mike with Standard Time® back with Ray White of Scoutwest, the makers of Standard Time. Ray, it’s an honor welcome back.

Ray: Thanks.

I have a scenario for you. Let’s say I am a traveling support guy. I want to write off my mileage for my taxes. How can Standard Time actually help me do that and make it easier?

One easy way is just to use the app. Standard Time has an app that you can download and just with a few taps you can put in expenses. Mileage records are really just expenses; they have a certain number of dollars you can write off per mile. You put in your destination, the odometer, the distance, vehicle, different optional fields like that. It will calculate the dollar amount that you’re allowed to write off for that distance that you’ve driven.

How does it get from the phone to the managers at the office?

Really easy. You put in your records, time and expenses, into the app and the app will automatically sync with the cloud. It’s going to send those records back up to the cloud, to that shared database that you have. That’s all there is to it. Basically you have multiple engineers, you may have 10-20-50 engineers, techs on the road out there logging time. The app is going to send the time and expenses, the mileage, up to a shared database through the cloud and your manager will be able to write reports on that immediately.

That’s great. How do I get the apps?

You can get it from one of two places. You can either go out to the google play store or the apple store. You can download the apps for the phone. Or you can just go to our website stdtime.com. When you do you will see the android and iOS editions out there. You will also see the windows and web editions. Which would be incorporated into a larger enterprise scheme. Go out to stdtime.com download them all.

Do it today. Stdtime.com download both of the apps and Standard Time itself. You’re not going to regret it. Your 30 day trial, don’t worry once that expires because it’s super affordable after that. Go to stdtime.com for more information. And we’ll see you next time with more Standard Time.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sm3Fvo9yPIs



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