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Mike: Mike with Standard Time back with Ray White of Scoutwest today we’re talking Microsoft Project. How you doing Ray?

Ray: Not bad.

Now Microsoft Project is a robust, huge program. Can Standard Time make my life a little bit easier in Microsoft Project?

Absolutely, project managers know this. Microsoft Project is very robust, very detailed, there’s a lot of functionality there. You can create huge projects, thousand tasks, two thousand, ten thousand tasks. But the problem is those projects, as project managers sometimes know, can become just dead project schedules without the actual work that comes in from a timesheet. So that’s where Standard Time really helps out. You can bring in those Microsoft Project files into Standard Time. A huge project schedule that might be assigned to 50 different resources will be crunched down to just what’s relevant to you. You go in, look at your timesheet, you only see the tasks that are assigned to you, as the resource. Another person would see different tasks. Everyone’s timesheet is relevant to what they are doing. They put their time in, Standard Time sends that time back out to Microsoft Project, you see the actual hours in the task usage screen. So that turns an otherwise dead project into an active, living thing.

That’s awesome. What if I don’t have Microsoft Project?

That’s optional. I should have said that right off the bat. Standard Time does not require Microsoft Project, it is optional. Standard Time has its own internal, native projects. The same sort of hierarchies, breakdowns, sub-projects, summary tasks that Microsoft Project has. But it’s not as robust and in no way attempts to compete with Microsoft Project. But that interface between Standard Time and Project is optional.

How can people try this out?

They can try it out on day one. The can go out to our website stdtime.com, download it, bring in their Microsoft Project files right off the bat. They’ll see all those tasks right in the timesheet. Whatever resources are assigned to those tasks, they’ll see them immediately on day one.

You heard it from Ray. stdtime.com. if you have any comments or suggestions let us know when you go there to download your free 30 day trial version.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9FGzbuDGic






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