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Mike: Mike with Standard Time back with Ray White of Scoutwest, thanks for coming back Ray.

Ray: Hey, Mike.

We’re talking Standard Time, I’m excited. I keep asking questions you keep giving me great answers. And I have another one for you today. Can you give me 3 reasons why Standard Time is the best time keeping app there is out there to date.

All right, three reasons. I’m going to give you five. Let’s start number 1 project tasks. With a typical time tracker, timesheet, you don’t necessarily get a full task hierarchy, you get that with Standard Time.  2. You get a graphical timesheet, time logs; different ways to view your time logs. 3. You get the ability to track expenses. 4. There’s client invoicing; you have customizable invoices. Different ways to bill your clients different billing rates and methods. 5. Time off accruals and time off requests. So there you go there’s 5.

I ask for 3 you give me 5. Before we started rolling the cameras we were talking about tracking vehicles. Can you tell me a little bit more about that? That would go into the expenses, correct?

Yes it does. The mileage tracking is essentially what we’re talking about here. Consultants will often use their own vehicles, they’ll drive to client’s offices, they’ll go on trips. They have to track their odometer readings and the distances. You can then multiply those miles by the allowable, taxable amount. What they’ll want to do is choose a vehicle that will pick the last odometer reading and it’s easier to switch from one vehicle to the next. That’s what they do with Standard Time.

Why don’t you tell everyone how they can get a copy.

Out at our website stdtime.com. You can go out, download the windows edition, give it a try. You can download the web and the android and iOS editions. You can try the project tasks, the graphical timesheet, client invoicing, expenses, mileage, vehicles and there’s the time off accruals as well.

That’s awesome. You’ve heard it from Ray himself. Stdtime.com is where you want to go, get your free copy today and let us know what you think.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLF3-yiFx7k


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