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Mike: Mike with Standard Time back with Ray White of Scoutwest. Thanks for coming back Ray.

Ray: Hey, Mike.

Now you know I’m a consultant but I would really like to brand my invoices to my image. Is that possible and how easy is that to do in Standard Time?

Absolutely. Starting with your logo. You can open up these templates that we have in Standard Time, go in with a word processor, put your logo in, your corporate style image, colors, fonts, everything, the arrangement of the invoice. Save that as an RTF document and then Standard Time will fill in the invoice with the information. It uses tags to do that, you’ll have special tags inside the file that are just text that tell Standard Time that this is the place to put things like time, expenses, you’ll have the totals at the end, you’ll have other things like the projects that you’re working on, client, dates, all the things that naturally go into invoices. Like the PO, all of that goes into the invoice anywhere you want it to be along with your corporate style.

That’s great. Now you mentioned templates. I can have more than one template?

That’s right. You can have multiple templates, you can use those for different situations, different clients. Any reason you might want different ways to print things out; more detail, less detail all of this is available on those templates.

Standard Time comes with a free 30-day trial. Obviously that comes with it?

It does, yes. You can go in day one create those templates, set them up any way you’d like. Put your logo in, your corporate style and then bill your client right there.

Stdtime.com. Go get your free trial version today, check it out. Make your invoices, your in voice heaven now, trust me. Let me know what you think!

Watch the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwISP6p8MeE


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