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Mike: Mike with Standard Time® back with Ray White of Scoutwest. Welcome back, Ray.

Ray: Hey, Mike.

You know I’m a consultant and I have clients who are always wanting the status of their project. Is there a way I can show them the status of their projects before I invoice them?

Yes, absolutely. That’s called client login. You can use the web edition of Standard Time, publish that out on the Internet and give that URL to your customer and a special login and password. They’ll be able to go out to the web address, see all of their projects that you are working on and when they click on one of those they will then be able to see all of the time and expenses right up to the minute. You may have dozens of consultants working on the same project for different clients, you give logins for each of these clients. But each one that logs in will see all of the time right up to the minute. They will be able to approve or reject those time entries, those expense entries that you have out there. But yes, they’ll be able to login and see it right there.

Let’s say that my client isn’t in front of their computer at the time. Is there a way that they can still see that progress?

They should try the ProjectBot app. We have an app that runs on a smartphone and it’s essentially the same thing. It pulls down data from the cloud. You give them the URL, plug that into the app, they’ll also have their special login and password, put that into the app. The app will then pulls down all of this information from the cloud. It will be right on their smartphones. They’ll see all of their projects, they’ll see all the time and expenses right there on their phone. Right up to the minute as you’re working on the projects.

That’s awesome. How can we download Standard Time and ProjectBot?

You can go out to our website, start there. Stdtime.com and you’ll get the Windows and Web editions. You’ll have to publish that web edition out on the Internet and set up that special login that I said, client login and password. The ProjectBot can be obtained by going out to the app store. That’s free, download it, put on their phone, get connected to the cloud. They’ll see everything right off.

Stdtime.com download your free trial version today. Let us know what you think. Client accountability, it’s a good thing.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZRG1yubazs


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