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Mike: Mike with Standard Time, back with Ray White of Scoutwest and we’re talking all things Standard Time. Ray, spreadsheets, I’ve heard a lot about them. Are they a good idea?

Ray: A lot of people do try to use spreadsheets for tracking their time. Usually consultants, they’ll plug in their clients, their projects, their billing rates. Of course every employee has to be put in there. The spreadsheet starts to get a little crowded, a little big, you have a lot of formulas in there. A lot of places for mistakes and errors; they can be OK to start with but I think as you add a few employees you definitely should use a professional timesheet like Standard Time. The other things is they don’t sync with a timekeeping app. You’ve got to go in there, usually the administrator go and plug the hours in, whereas this will just sync with the cloud, with the desk top. So there’s a lot of reasons to switch over to a good timesheet app.

So you were mentioning earlier that it actually picks up on user error. How does it do that?

There’s just natural ways that that works. First of all you have your login ID. Even with a smartphone app you have your login ID it syncs your data. You go into the timesheet it’s going to be your login so you’re not accidentally putting it into another person’s where they may have a different billing rate. The other thing is you only see the projects that are assigned to you. So you may have 300 projects out there but you only see a few of them because you’re working on those. You put your time in against those not accidentally some other project that has a completely different client. So you may be missing hours, billable hours you’ll want to send to your client but you missed them because you accidentally put time in to the wrong place. Naturally with the login that’s the first area where that catches those errors.

So Standard Time blows spreadsheets out of the water. How can people start weaning themselves off of the spreadsheets?

You can go out to our website stdtime.com. Go ahead and download, first thing you’re going to see is a spreadsheet style interface. You’re going to see the rows and columns, they’re going to look familiar. You’re going to be able to use that as opposed to your normal spreadsheet. You’ll start to realize the free timesheet is perhaps costing you more than you think.

So you heard it. Stdtime.com download your free trial today. There is an iOS version, the android version, the windows version and the cloud version. Download and let us know what you think.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUi-6K4OTZs


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