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I found a neat blog article about how to encourage employees to submit their timesheets on time.  See the link below.

It fit Standard Time® perfectly!

Everything in this blog post matches Standard Time.  And these are the exact points we encourage our customers with.  Funny how great minds think alike!

First off, why is it so important to get employees to submit their timesheets?  After all, your project managers probably already know the hours they will submit for each project.  So what's the big deal?

Well, if you are billing hours to clients, it's a huge deal!

Employees might miss invoice deadlines, since they may not know the exact timing of those invoices.  Employees forget their hours after some time passes.  Or, they may forget to submit them altogether!  Best to submit early and often.  In fact, some companies require daily submissions, and do not allow hours to be entered into future dates.  No more typing 8's across the timesheet on Monday morning.

DCAA compliance is one of those areas where timesheet etiquette is closely monitored.  No typing 8's.  No entering time for other employees.  No entering time for previous days.  You enter your hours on the day they occurred, or not at all!  Or you get your supervisor to do it.  Uggh.

Here's an outline of what you'll see at the blog below:

  1. Enter your time with the Standard Time Web Edition
  2. Use Windows, Web, Android, or iOS platforms
  3. Turn on reminders and email notifications
  4. Use Standard Time quick tasks to start and stop a timer
  5. Print a report or your timesheet page
  6. See only projects and tasks relevant to your job
  7. Use voice-to-text on your Android, iOS, or tablet
  8. See only tasks assigned to you

Blog article on findaccountingsoftware.com:



Overview on findaccountingsoftware.com:



We hope you found the article helpful.  And we hope you'll try those exact features in Standard Time.  Watch some videos here on the website, or feel free to ask us how!



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