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Hey guys, Mike with Standard Time®. Thanks for coming back.

I know I’ve been saying lately that Standard Time is more than just a timesheet. And it’s true! And today I’m going to take that one step further.

Up here we have six tabs your consulting and manufacturing business cannot live without. I’ll start with the timesheet. Every business needs a good timesheet. And Standard Time is the best out there. Here’s why;

You have the project task tab; that’s where you can go to check the status of all projects and tasks. You have your Time Log; that’s where each time segment that your employee logs goes. You have your expense tab; that’s where you put all your expenses, mileage stuff like that. Your billing where you can bill your clients, see the status of your invoices. And then you have your time off; your PTO, your vacation, your sick leave, your personal leave. You can also submit your hours there where your manager can either accept or decline those hours.

Pretty sweet stuff! Download your free version today. I’m Mike with Standard Time. Thanks for joining me.

Watch the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeblINxX_Wo




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