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I would like to change some of the terminologies or field names in Standard Time®. Wondered if you could run through that, show me if that is possible to do?

Yes, let me go here to the Time Log first. When I go to the Time Log screen I’m going to open up a time log, and when I do you’ll notice down here at this location it used to be a text 1 field and I changed that to say location. You’ll notice also that changed it throughout the whole system. If I go to Tools, Projects, if I scroll down to the bottom you’ll see location here as well, it used to be a text 1 field also. And finally let me show you one other area. If I go to Users and Organization, you’ll see Location where it used to say text 1. The way you do that is go to the View menu, scroll down to Field Names and you’ll see that there is a text 1 and I changed it to Location. Let’s say I don’t want that to read throughout the whole program I just want to change it for one area. All I have to do is identify the area I want to change it so I’m going to do it here on the text 1 field and say I just want this changed for projects only. I’ll put the name: and once I put the name: in there save and close this. Now when I go click on another Time Log..

Back to text 1.

Exactly. Now if I go back to Projects, however, you’ll see that it’s still there. I’ve now told the system I only want Projects to be the field that is changed.

So it’s a little contact sensitive. Could you change one of the fields I would like to change is the category field in the Time Log to activity.

Sure let me show you. If I click on Time Log you’ll see the Category, let’s change that to say Activity. I’m going to cancel out of this, I’m going to go to the View menu scroll down to Field Names and right here change Category to Activity. Hit Save and Close and click back open on…


Let me show you that again. Now you see the category has been changed to activity. Again, you can decide if you want that throughout the whole system or in one specific area.

Very good, that answers it.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iaP4MHjZWw


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