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I have a question about Standard Time®.  We have fixed expenses that occur in our consultancy where the engineers will go out and have to charge these expenses. I would like to set up Standard Time so that they don’t have to fill out all of those expense fields every time. Essentially setting up a template. An example of that it might be travel; we have a $500 a day travel expense and I don’t want them to have to fill those fields out and make mistakes on those. Can you help with that?

Absolutely, that’s what we call a fixed expense. What you can do is go here to the Insert menu and create what’s called New Expense Template. When I do that I get a little form I can fill out. So with your example let’s say its $500 a day, and call it Travel Time. Then you have to give it a Type. So in this case I’m going to scroll down here and call it Travel and then a Category. I’m going to call this InDirect time. You can create as many as these reasons or delete the ones we have, you customize that. In this case I’m making this available to All projects, or I can make it available to certain projects. But in this case I’m going to say this is available for all projects. It is a Billable amount to the client but the Employee does not pay it so I’m going to uncheck that box. Hit Save and Close and now I’ve created an expense template for $500 per incident for travel time.

You’ve essentially set up all the fields our guys would normally have to fill out every time.

Right, so they don’t have to fill it out now. It’s prefilled, they just mark the number of occurrences this happens per project or job.

Let’s see that.

It’s kind of a hidden feature in Standard Time, I’m looking at the timesheet now. But if I want to go to the expense template I click this drop down arrow, and choose Expense Sheet. When I do that I’m looking at an expense sheet instead of a timesheet. So for example for Dynamics Research if I open it up, there’s Travel Time. If I open up this other project you’ll also see Travel Time because again I made it available for all projects. So I’m going to say on Monday for Dynamics Research I did one day of travel and its $500 for that expense. If I want to go down here for ECM System and I did a day of travel on that one and also a day of travel on this one; basically I have two instances of travel on two different projects and its $500 per occurrence. That will already be prepopulated so when my manager runs an expense report they’ll get to see what categories it falls into and what type of expense it was.

OK. So I can see that over in the Expenses tab then?

Yeah. If I click on the Expenses tab, there exactly are the three expenses I entered. Again you can sort by category, by the amount, whatever you want by just clicking on the header.

Very nice! That will do it, thank you!


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