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Every once in a while I get a question about resource allocation. I know we have a resource allocation view where you can see individuals and whole departments of people; at least how far they’re allocated out into the future or under allocated. But occasionally someone will ask me how do I find if we have any engineers available or product developers available? Is there a way to see that in our resource allocation view?

I believe so, yes. I’ll go in there now. You can see the menu item I’ve chosen to get there (View, Project Resource Allocation). I’ll go ahead and choose that. I think what you’re describing here is simply choosing a user from this drop down list and going to the Availability bar chart. When you do that you see the blue bars here indicating the available days or in this case months. The yellow bars indicating months in which this person is not so available. And then the bars here where there is no availability because there are no bars. That is for one person; that’s the person I’ve chosen here on this User drop down. But I think what you’re saying is you want to find people with certain skills, certain engineer, and other skill sets-find out when those are available. For that you’d pick this little wrench icon that actually changes this drop down so that you don’t see people instead you see skills. If you were to pick a skill; in this case I’ve chosen ENG1 from the list. You then see a list of all the people who have that skill. Again the blue bars are indicating those people have availability because we’re looking at the Availability bar chart. The yellow bars would indicate they are partially available and you see some areas where there are no bars at all so there is no availability for that skill set. So as you choose the skill you’re narrowing it down and finding different people. Of course you can go deeply into these different groups and only find the people within that group that had those skills.

Great! You can look at this from the whole company perspective or maybe by department. And find skills within a small area or within the whole organization.

That is correct.

That’s what I want. Thank you!


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