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Here are some tips to get more from your timesheet. It's not just for employee hours and client billing. There is so much more you can collect.


See the video below.



Tasks can double the value you're getting from your timesheet because of the information they collect. Things like "actual work," costs, and percent complete are free. There's nothing you need to do to get this information. That means you get task warnings when percentages are exceeded. And, you get email notifications when project hours and costs are exceeded. All this comes from your timesheet. Watch this video to learn how to get more from your timesheet, and learn what information timesheets collect.

Project managers like this information because it is not a guess. It is the actual work and actual costs their projects are incurring. You don't have to wonder which projects are profitable and which are under-performing. You don't have to guess how much projects are costing. That information is collected automatically from the timesheet.

Executives like this information because they know that their strategic efforts are paying off. Costs are under control. Projects will be delivered on time. Customers are happy.

Employees like this because they don't have to manage anything. There's nothing to babysit. Just enter hours and go on with the job. The project management is automatic.


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