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Every morning Dan wakes up ready to take on the day.

As an IT specialist he is on top of every minute of his workload. Dan stays on top of budgets, expenses for all of his projects and checks his employees with a quick look at his Standard Time desktop app.

Scanning his time with the barcode feature on his Standard Time app lets Dan keep close tabs on his progress and which web server he is currently working on. He can also invoice clients, track employee time, and manage mileage and expenses with Standard Time's advanced, simple-to-use features. Onsite or off site, or even off-line, Dan knows the status of all of his clients, employees and projects with just a glance.

Dan is just in time for his meeting with his big client to show his progress.

The client trusts Dan. Thanks to Standard Time's, ProjectBot, Dan's client knows that no time is being wasted and that his project will be completed in a timely fashion.

Standard Time keeps Dan organized, increases revenue, and most importantly keeps his clients happy.

Online, Off Line, Anytime. Standard Time.

IT jobs 

Dan checks his IT jobs when he arrives each day.

There are schedules, tasks, and customers to check.

What consulting app does Dan use?  Standard Time®

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Of course, Dan can check his progress throughout the day with an Android or iOS timekeeping app.


Android Timekeeping App

iOS Timekeepting App

Android Consulting App 
xxx  Scan an asset to start a timer.
View time and expenses at the touch of a button. xxx 
xxx  IT work is simple with a good timesheet app.  Why be tied to a terminal?

Project expenses are easy.  Tap and enter.

Sync with the cloud.


Dan is ready of his client.  The client trusts Dan.

And why not?   Dan uses Standard Time®.

The client meeting is about to begin.  Dan has every project and task ready.

This is going to work!


Seriously?  There's an app for Dan's IT clients?

Yep, ProjectBot lets them see the status of their projects.

Every task... time log... expense... and every invoice.

It's a done deal!  This project is ready to roll.

Standard Time® has it covered.

xxx  Shake hands and get this gig rolling.

Trust.  That's what make business work.

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Dan uses Standard Time® for every aspect of the project.


Employee status

Client billing rates


And even PTO time off accruals.  It's all there.

Need a timesheet app that makes you feel this good?

It's called Standard Time®.

xxx  Access it anywhere.
Online.  Offline.  Anytime!  Standard Time® xxx 



Watch the video below

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A day in the life of Dan, the IT consultant





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