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Hey guys, Mike from Standard Time®.  Timesheets, that is, thanks for coming back.

Are you a consultant?  Or work for a consulting firm?

If so, you probably send invoices to your clients.  Electronic invoices, right?  PDF’s?

Did you know that within Standard Time you can actually produce customized invoices? You heard that right; customized invoices just for your company.

You can put your company logo right on the invoice. You can rearrange things to match your corporate style; company name, address, city, state.

You can show as much detail as you want or just summaries.  Easy!

I found Standard Time to be a great consulting tool.

My name’s Mike!  I hope you’ll give Standard Time a try today!

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSbHpLDaNp0


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