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Hello, consultants!  My name’s Mike.  Seen me around? Well, I’m back with a great consulting tip just for you! It’s called Standard Time.

In Standard Time, there’s a way to let your customers see the statuses of all their projects.

You know… you’re working projects for clients… and they want statuses… like every friggin’ day!

So here’s a way they can get their own statuses anytime they want.

The first way is a customer login page in Standard Time.

Customers log in… see all their projects… and the time and expenses that you’ve logged.

The second way is through a special Android app called ProjectBot.

With ProjectBot, all the statuses comes right down to their smartphone.

Bam!  Just like that! It’s there.  They call that magic!

Download Standard Time today… and get your timesheet magic! You’re not going to regret it! My names Mike, we’ll catch you next time.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTfc9bH5_DM


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