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I know you can create a project by going to Tools, Project but I wondered if you had any other recommended ways of doing it that might be quicker.

One way you could do it is go up here to the help menu, scroll down to Startup Project Wizard and when you do a little box will pop up that will ask if you want to create a project. You say yes by clicking next, and here you can enter the name of your new project. I’m just going to name this something very simple “A New Project.” Then you hit next, enter your tasks in this window. I’ll enter Task a, Task b, Task c. Then hit next once again. Now it’s asking me if I want to bill these hours to a client. If it is billable I check this box; I have two selections to make after I decide its billable 1. I can choose from a list of existing clients from a drop down list. Or if their a brand new client and I’ve never done work for them before I’d chose this middle radial dial and I would type their name right here into this window. So in this case I’m going to say they’re not billable to a client, I’ll just let it go, maybe it’s an internal project. And hit next, and finish. And now I have my new project right here with my tasks a, b, and c.

How would I add a 4th task; let’s say task d?

That’s pretty easy. Go up here to the insert menu, select New Project Task. You’re going to get a little pop-up window; every field in this window now is pertaining to this new task I’m going to create. But really the field you want to populate is the name field. I’m going to call this task d. And in addition to that you’ll want to make sure you assign that task to the project you want it to appear with. And I’m going to say A New Project-there’s our project here. You can also assign it to a client or subsystem or any number of events. But in this case I’ll just sign it to the project and be done with it. And one other item you’ll gonna wanna make sure is checked is found under the extra section here. And that’s this little Quick Task (which was renamed to ‘Timesheet’ in 2015) checkbox. That just forces a task to appear in your timesheet. This is for if you have a task way out in the future and you don’t want it to appear right now in the timesheet. You can have it appear later. In this case I do want it to show up so I’ll make sure that box is selected. Hit save and close. And now I have Task d.

What if I have a project that exists that already have all of these tasks; can I make a copy of that?

Absolutely! Go to the Tools menu, select Projects. Once you do that you get a list of all your projects on the left hand side here. I can select any project; here’s the one I just created “A New Project.” And all I have to do is right click on that and select Duplicate. When that’s selected it will duplicate that thing and what you’ll want to do is rename it here and assign it to a client if it needs to be assigned and you’re done.



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