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Watch this video for a technique of collecting manufacturing time on the shop floor. This technique involves collecting special information, above the basics of employee and project. Create your own user-defined scan requirements. Employees must scan these special items before the timer will start.

In other words, you may be scanning employee and project names, and the timer starts immediately. Have you considered adding any special items to that scan sequence? You can. Collect any special information you like.



This is an advanced barcoding topic that describes scanning special information during the manufacturing process. The basic barcoding scanning sequence only collects employee, project, and category (or task). Time logs resulting from these scans are shown in the timesheet. But it is possible to scan more information related to your employee jobs on the shop floor. That information is placed in those time logs.

Watch this video to learn how to add new requirements to your scanning sequence. In other words, go beyond the normal employee, project, and task. Prompt operators for additional information that you can use for reporting and graphs.

For example: prompt operators to scan the building number they are working in. Or scan the machine name. Now you can find out how much time you spend on each machine in each building.

Anything is possible. You collect whatever information that is relevant to your operation, and then report on that later. You'll see scans come into the system in real-time, so you know exactly what is happening on the shop floor all the time.


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