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Warren, can you outline the relationship between projects and clients in Standard Time®? In other words is there a one-to-one relationship between projects and clients or can you have multiple projects per client?

Yes, Standard Time allows you to have multiple projects per client. You would find that here in the Tools menu, scroll down to Clients, this is where you get to see a list of all the clients available in Standard Time. And this is where you create new clients, delete them and so forth. When I click on Alcoa, as an example, you’re going to see the properties now on the right hand side pertain to Alcoa. You can give them rights to log in to the web version of Standard Time, with the password and all they get to see is a summary report of the work you’re doing for their projects.  If I click on Alcoa and the plus symbol next to it you can see the projects that are actually assigned to Alcoa. We have Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3. And when I do that you’ll notice the properties have changed on the right hand side of this panel. We’re now looking at the project information instead of the client information. And typically that’s found in the Tools, Projects dialog, so let me take you there now. Usually when you assign a client you go to the Tools menu, select Projects and then you’ll see the projects dialog. A list of all my projects on the left hand side and I can click on this Phase 1 project I showed you earlier for Alcoa. When I do you’ll notice here it is, it’s signed to Alcoa. You can see its active, showing it in timesheet and allowed to log in. This is an active, current ongoing project. If I click on the Phase 2 project again it’s assigned to Alcoa, however, it’s not activated. So what we can do is activate it and allow to log time it and begin work on this project, it’ll actually show up in the timesheet.

I’ll go ahead and close out of this, well actually I’ll show you one other thing. You can in the client dialog here; this is where you choose which person you want to assign or which client you want to assign to this particular project. Ok, let’s go back to the timesheet. One other thing to notate, when you assign hours, or work hours, against a project like this 3.5 hours on this Alcoa project I showed you earlier. If I click on the Notes and Detail tab in the bottom right corner you’ll notice this is a sign to Alcoa. All this time is tracking against this project. Followed up the chain to Alcoa so when you run an invoice for Alcoa this time is going to show on that invoice for that particular client.

Perfect. That does it!


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