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Let’s run an invoice in Standard Time®. You can see first of all I’m in the Timesheet. There are six tabs along the top, the Timesheet is normally where you put your time in. What I’m going to do before running an invoice is switch over to the Time Log. This is essentially a list of all the entries in the time sheet; it’s the same data just organized differently. What I’m going to do is filter this view by a client so I can see all of the records that have been logged for that particular client. I’m going to go here to Date range and look at all of them for This month. These are the records that I hope to put out in my invoice. Over in the Billing tab is where the invoices reside but switching back here to the Time Log, can switch back and forth. I’m going to go to the Inset menu and choose New Invoice. From there I will then choose the client, optionally you can choose a project if you want to break down the invoice into smaller detail. But I’m going to go from the first of the month to the end of the month. You can see here the subtotal comes up to kinda know how much I’m going to be billing. The template I like to use is the detail template; it’s going to create an invoice file with this invoice number ‘course you can change that. Let’s click Save and Close to create that. When I do Microsoft Word comes up and shows me the invoice file, this is actually an rtf file that I can save to the hard drive or I can save as a PDF. You see the total down here. In this invoice you can put your company logo and change this up, add some color spice it up a little bit. Because it is just an rtf you can edit those invoice templates as well.

Wanted to show you how to create an invoice. Pretty simple!

Watch the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hhCdc3lIJY


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