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I've been advising a new company regarding Android app development, and of course when new companies start out there's a high degree of enthusiasm and a large number of ideas thrown about.  Problem is, those wild ideas can cloud the main focus of the company and product we intend to build.


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The company was formed to build a simple Android app.  In fact, the name of the company suggests apps only.

But as the app came to life, so did the awesome ideas about what might come next.  We could do this!  We could do that!  Before long, the lowly app idea (which was awesome in it's own right) became overshadowed by everything else we could possibly do.  That is... until we realized what was happening.

Dude, this is beyond feature creep.  Let's just build the app like we said we would.

Moral of the story?  Build the foundation first... and then build the castle.




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