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Hello consultants!  My name’s Mike with Standard Time®. And I’m a consultant like you.

Do you sell blocks of support time to your clients?  I’m talking about selling blocks of hours for supporting networks, or computers, or equipment?

A lot of consulting firms do this.

But did you know you can do it within Standard Time?  Standard Time is a great new timesheet with lots of options.

So here we’re selling 250 hours to Pioneer Mechanical

1,000 hours to Basic Printing

And 500 hours to Simple Design

When the hours are gone, we sell another block.  Standard Time handles this like a dream!

Great for tech consulting.

Download your free copy today, let me know what you think. Do it today for real! My name is Mike, we’ll catch you next time.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMxQyzfdLDo


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