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Hey, Warren. I was wondering if you could go through one thing for me. Could you in just a few minutes show me why Standard Time® is the best timesheet and why I should use it above others that are on the market?

Sure. Standard Time probably is one of the easiest timesheets to use on the market. For example it’s very intuitive, you see your projects and tasks in your timesheet. You can assign those to employees according to what you want them to see. But more importantly when the employee puts their time in they literally type their hours into the timesheet and they’re done. Most of the other tools on the market force your employees to make 4 or 5 drop down choices every time they enter their time, including whether it’s billable or not. That leaves room for mistakes and obviously isn’t as easy to utilize whereas Standard Time allows your project manager or administrator to set that up on the front end, then your employee simply enters their time and they’re done with it. The other thing an employee can do is run a single timer if they prefer to use timers, they don’t have to type their time they can do that. And if you’re going to use timers there’s a third method; you can go here to the View menu, scroll down to Quick Tasks, when you open up the Quick Tasks window you can check a box and it starts to time that tasks. And if you want to go to something else you check a different box. It stops timer the first one and starts timing the next one. This stays in the foreground of Windows and all day long as you toggle back and forth it puts that time in your timesheet every time you check boxes. It’s pretty simple to use, it’s one of the main advantages. The other thing it has, although the timesheet is simple there is a whole lot of project management functionality in Standard Time. For instance you can go to the Tools menu, you can see Billing Rates, and you can have multiple billing rates per employee or type of work for every single type of project you run. So it’s very flexible in that manner. If you want to see some other project management stuff; if I click on this tab here, Project Tasks tab, it’s a little dashboard screen that gives you a little update on all your projects. And you can customize this window to display a multitude of columns. You can show cost client actual or employee salary to date, there’s are all kinds of things you can view in this window. And each person gets to choose what they want to see without changing it throughout the whole organization.

Is there an extra fee for the project management and other features?

No, it’s all included so everything in Standard Time is onetime fee for the license and that’s it. In fact there is a web version Standard Time comes with as well, we’re looking at the Windows version buy you get both Windows and Web along with all the expense tracking and all that goes with it at no extra charge. We do not charge you anything for all of the components it’s automatically included in one price. I’ve shown you the timesheet the Project Tasks tab. If I click on the Time Log tab this is a simple historical record of all the time entered in through the timesheet, they become what we call time logs. The Expenses the same is true, if you enter expenses into Standard Time they appear in this window. Billing is the same, all your invoices will show in this window. And your Time Off, Standard Time allows you to create as many time off reasons as you want. It will automatically accrue at the rates or levels you set for each employee. And when employees request time off and it’s approved by the manager it gets deducted from the amount available in their bank of time for whatever reason they are utilizing.

There’s no extra fee for this automatic time accrual?

No, not at all. Here’s the time off reasons in the timesheet. You get to type in your request and there’s no extra charge for that. It automatically calculates and accrues and keeps track of all that stuff. In fact there’s a litany of reports you can run that are included in that as well. One of the reports is Time off reports which I won’t get into here but if I click on the Time logs reports you can see if I click on List, by employee and I want to see for the last 60 days, I run this report. It breaks out by person and you can see what each person did for that time range. And it comes in with a built-in report writer so you can customize or change these reports or create your own if you like. And all that is included with the price there is no extra charge with that either. Now if you want to go over here on the project management side of things you go to the View menu and scroll down to Project Revenue. This will show you the expected revenue and you can choose a certain project or all projects to see what you’re expected to gain throughout the coming months. Another thing you might want to look at is in the View menu, Employee Status, it gives you a quick little glance what your employees are tracking time against or what they are doing. And from a more project management side View, Project Resource Allocation is nice. If you click on Resource Allocation you can see the inverse; I can see who is available right now. Jill is allocated in this week but out into the future she has plenty of time available to take on additional work. And you can look at this by department or companywide. In this case I’ll choose another employee, let’s look at Buzz Paterson. When I click on Buzz you tell Buzz is not able to accept any work clear out into July. And then he’s available to take on additional work.

That’s awesome!

In addition there is automatic email notification that will warn the employee that their timesheet doesn’t contain enough hours or that a task is overdue or scheduled to start. There are a lot of features in here that you can utilize or you can turn them off.

Thank you!


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