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Interview: Task Warnings to Keep Projects on Budget


Mike: Mike with Standard Time® here in the land of the interwebs sitting with Ray White of Scoutwest. Welcome back Ray. Today we’re talking about camping out and I’m not talking about hiking and pitching tents. I’m talking about a camping out that can cause a little bit more problems. Why don’t you tell me what camping out is.

Ray: A situation can occur where employees find themselves on tasks that they find familiar, easy to do; they may look out into the future and see other tasks that may be are a little less familiar, scary. Doesn’t always happen but they may spend a little too much time on a tasks. And that’s camping out.

I can imagine that can cost the company some potential revenue.

It does. It can slow the project down, it can cost the company money because they need those projects to go, go, go! Get those tasks finished, move on to the next, get these projects finished. There is a little feature in Standard Time called task warnings that helps in this situation. It will pop up a message when you reach a certain percentage or you’re nearing completion of the task. That lets the person know “Hey, this task is nearing completion, nearly done you need to move on you need to finish up.” It will then pop up another message when they are complete and that’s a visual clue to tell the person we need to keep these tasks moving and finish up.

Let’s say that I legitimately need more time. Is there a way that a manager can change that or what can be done?

Absolutely. You can’t always tell how much time a task needs. Your manager, your project manager can go in and give the task a little bit more time and then you can finish up the task. Yes, that happens all the time, easy to do.

Standard Time comes with a free 30 day trial. Does task warnings come with that?

It does. You’ll be able to go out to stdtime.com, click the download link. You’ll see the windows edition, the web edition. The task warnings are in those versions. There’s iOS and android that are on your smartphone. Download all 4 of those. Yes, you’ll get the task warnings, you can set up your tasks, put some estimated hours in and set those warnings up and see how they work.

Not only will you be able to try task warnings for your free 30 days you get everything Standard Time has to offer. Go to stdtime.com today download your free version. Stdtime.com we’ll see you soon.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D02CJO4fkAI

Interview: Quick Tasks


Mike: Mike with Standard Time® back with Ray White of Scoutwest thanks for coming back Ray. We’re talking Standard Time today and I’m really excited about the feature that we’re talking about today. That’s the one click time tracker. Can you tell me a little more about that?

Ray: Yeah, that’s called quick tasks. Nice little feature; you get a little window and see all of your projects, sub projects. Then underneath those you see your tasks; those are your quick tasks. You can click to start a timer, click again to stop the timer or click to start a different task. When you do that it simply puts those entries right into your timesheet. You don’t have to type into your timesheet at all. It’s best for organizations or situations where you need the exact start and stop times; usually for consulting or engineering.

What about people in the field?

When you use the iOS or android editions you’ll see those exact tasks. Those tasks will come down with the synchronization from the cloud or from the desktop. You’ll see the exact same tasks, you can tap, tap, tap to start and stop timers and when you do those time entries will be synchronized, sent back to the cloud or to the desktop. You’ll have all the information right there.

The cool thing about Standard Time, the free trial version it’s 30 days, you get everything. You don’t just get handpicked different features that you think are cool. You get the whole free version.

That’s correct. When you go out to stdtime.com you going to see all 4 versions. You’re going to see the windows edition, the web edition; which both have those quick tasks, the iOS, and the android which also have those quick tasks. And they’re all fully functional for 30 days.

You heard Ray go to stdtime.com today get your free trial version. Email us with any questions you may have, we’ll talk to you soon.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlsFfRaHMvQ

Whiteboard: Better Than a Spreadsheet


Are you tracking employee project time in a spreadsheet?

Or trying to bill clients from hours in a spreadsheet?

If so, you’ve probably hit these five issues, and had to fight or reprogram it.

  1. You can’t have multi-user access over the web
  2. You can’t access it with Android or iOS
  3. Billing rates are hard to keep track of
  4. Spreadsheets don’t look for user-error
  5. There’s no real project status in a spreadsheet

That “free” spreadsheet isn’t exactly free, is it?

Now there’s a solution in the Standard Time® timesheet.

  1. As easy to use as any spreadsheet
  2. Access from anywhere, on any smartphone, tablet, or device
  3. Client billing and project status, built in

What are you waiting for?

Click to try Standard Time!

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuZ8onN2C6k

Interview: Timesheet Favorites


Mike: Hello everyone, Mike with Standard Time®. We are cruising the interwebs, all things Standard Time today with Ray White, Scoutwest. How you doing Ray?

Ray: Hi pretty good.

Welcome back. We were talking about this earlier now a lot of people are asking. I want you to elaborate a little bit more, clear the air on some stuff; timesheet favorites?

Great feature! Here’s the situation. Sometimes in cooperate world, consulting, engineering; you have a situation where you have a lot of projects sometimes 50, 100, 300 projects. Although you may not be working on those projects or you may not be assigned you still have sometimes a lot of projects in your timesheet. You scroll through, it takes you a long time. Timesheet favorites lets you go in, select the projects that you are working on, maybe 2 or 3 projects. You pick those 2 or 3, now your timesheet is manageable, it’s relevant to what you’re doing.

So that really cuts your time in half.

Oh, gosh yes. It can.

Let’s say at the end of the day I’m busy, I’m late for a date, I cut the power and I leave and I’m like “Oh, my timesheet.” Am I going to ruin anything?

No, you haven’t changed anything. When you come back your timesheet will be exactly where you left it. Those few projects that you selected will be there. Again you go in, put your time in and get out. It’s really simple.

That’s awesome. I know the free trial version of Standard Time is a 30 day free trial. What does that come with?

You get the full addition. So when you go out to stdtime.com you will see the windows edition, that’s the full version; every feature. The web edition, there are free iOS and android versions out there. You can download all 4 of those but those include all the features in Standard Time.

So stdtime.com. You want to go there today. Download your free trial version. You get all the features for 30 days!

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWHlEBd7geA



Timesheet Favorites Timesheet Favorites Timesheet Favorites

Interview: Project Rollups


Mike: Hello everyone thanks for coming back to the land of the interwebs and everything Standard Time®. My name is Mike and I’m here with Ray White of Scoutwest thanks for joining me Ray.

Ray: Thanks.

I wanted to talk a little bit about project management today. There is a term I’d like for you to define a little bit better for me and that’s project rollups. What is that?

Yeah. Project rollups are totals. You probably know that Standard Time is more than just a timesheet. When you switch over to the project tasks tab in Standard Time, you will see a list of your tasks there; a list of your projects. Each one of those tasks will have columns. Things like duration, actual work and the values in those columns will total up to the sub-project and the project level. Those are the rollups.

Does it have a Gantt column?

It does, not only is there a Gantt column there are start, finish, due dates, things like that, other fields that the program will total up, rollup for the sub-projects and the projects.

That’s great. Why don’t you tell everyone where they can get a copy of this.

You can go out to the website stdtime.com and download. You can try the windows edition, web edition, both of those are free downloads. You will see those rollups in the project tasks tab.

You heard it. Stdtime.com. Get your iOS version, your android, your windows also a cloud version for you to use. All there at stdtime.com. Get your copy today!

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-Oqzc4g-QA

Interview: Time Off Accruals


Mike: Hello everyone Mike with Standard Time® back with more about Standard Time with Ray White from Scoutwest. Ray we’ve been talking a lot about the awesomeness that is Standard Time and one thing people are wanting to know is more about time off accruals.

Ray: Yeah, you’ve probably heard me say that Standard Time is more than just a timesheet. It does other things, there are project management features and there are also features to allow employees to enter time off requests. For things like vacation in addition to that it will also accrue time for those time off reasons.

So that much be huge for HR managers.

Yes. So HR will typically go in, set up the different reasons you can take time off and then set the balances for the employees and then the different rules that apply to accruing or earning new hours.

OK. Then this is more than just PTO. This could go toward sick or maternity leave?

Yes exactly. The HR manager can set up any reasons they like. They typically would set up sick, personal, maternity, annual leave, lots of different reasons they’d like to set up.

That’s great. Why don’t you tell everyone how they can get ahold of the free version?

Go out to stdtime.com, that’s our website, and when you click the download link you will see the windows version the web version, there are android and iOS versions out there.  You can go ahead and click, download and try it today.

That’s great. Thanks Ray. We’re going to be coming back with more features that’s in Standard Time to make your life a whole lot easier. Right now go to the website stdtime.com and see what all the buzz is about. We’ll talk to you soon.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDJ43lVhtMM

Whiteboard: Five Timesheet Features


You’ve probably heard that Standard Time® is more than a timesheet.

Want to know why?


Here are five features that make Standard Time a truly great time keeping app.

Number one.  There’s a project task list with Actual Work and Percent Complete columns.  You can manage projects right here.

Number two.  You get a time log list to complement the timesheet.

Number three.  There are expense and mileage forms.  And expense templates for quick entry in the timesheet.

Number four. Bill clients with customizable invoice templates.  Each employee can have their own rates.

And finally, number five. Employees can request PTO and other time off.  Plus, Standard Time will automatically accrue PTO hours and ‘comp time’.

Want to try these five features?  Now you can!

Click to download!

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAFUxunRvw4

Interview: Project Billing Rates


Mike: Hey everyone, Mike with Standard Time® thanks for joining me. We’re talking with Ray White, very privileged to have him here. Ray, we’re talking all things Standard Time. And I have one question for ya’. Billing rates, tell me about them.

Ray: Standard Time has a lot of different models. Different ways in which you can change things up and set the billing rates to be equivalent to your corporate model; different companies do it differently, different employees have different rates. Different projects have different rates. There’s a lot of different combinations there. Your billing rate may be different than the next person and it may be different on another project. Standard Time handles that easily; there’s a nice little screen where you can do that.

OK. So tell me then about long term.

OK that’s a good question. Because on long term projects the rates also change. Let’s say you have a multi-month or multi-year project and the rates for those projects actually change out into the future. So you’ll able to set the rates for future years, you’re also able to set the rates for different roles that people take. Project managers, engineers, developers, different roles, different people have different rates. You can set that all in Standard Time, very easy.

I know you have a cloud version, a windows version, an android version, an iOS version. Why don’t you tell everyone how they can get a hold of this.

You can try this by going out to our website which is stdtime.com. Click the download link, you’re going to see all those versions; windows, web, android, iOS.

That is awesome. You heard it from Ray himself. Go to stdtime.com, download your free version today.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksRS2BZDWyY

Interview: Employee Availability


Mike: Hey, everyone! Mike with Standard Time® thanks for coming back, thanks for joining us. Today we’re talking Standard Time, employee availability. With me in studio is Ray White with Scoutwest, welcome Ray.

Ray: Hey Mike

Ray, can a project manager tell if I’m available for new work?

Yes, there is a specific chart for that. Standard Time is more than just a time sheet. You probably know that, it’s also a project management application. And one of the functions is to allow project managers to find people who are available for work, to find out when they’re overloaded, when they have too much work and when they are finished with certain projects they are available for another project.

How can it tell that I’m actually overloaded?

Your manager or the boss whoever may have assigned you to too many projects; maybe too many tasks. This bar chart that you see will show bars for each time period. Usually for a month or for a quarter and you can see bars that are over the top.

What about finding project resources by skill?

Yup you can do that. Project managers like that because they have a certain skill set they are looking for on a project. They’ll be able to search the system for that; they can search for engineers, they can search for developers, sales, marketing. Whatever the skill or discipline is. They can find out whether those people are available for work now or whether they have to wait a little longer for their projects to end.

Tell everyone how they can get a hold of Standard Time.

Stdtime.com that’s probably the best place to go. You can go out there, click the download link. When you do you’ll see the cloud addition (the web addition), you’ll see the windows addition and then the smartphone additions for iOS and android.

So you heard it from Ray, he’s the expert. Download it free today you won’t regret it.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icp7J5Bd90E

Interview: Time Tracking App


Mike: Hey everyone, Mike with Standard Time® thanks for joining me. You’ve probably seen me on the Internet with some videos telling you how excellent Standard Time is. Today I’ve brought in the expert, Ray with Scoutwest, he’s going to give us a little more information about how awesome Standard Time is. How ya’ doin’ Ray?

Ray: Pretty good Mike.

When people think of clocking into a job they think of going to a computer and actually logging into a system. Now Standard Time has changed that in the industry. Why don’t you tell us a little more about that.

Probably because of the smartphone. You’re right traditionally people have sat down at their computers, they will log into an application, timesheet, sometimes they’ll try to use spreadsheets, web applications. But more and more people are using smartphones for the same thing. Standard Time runs on Android, iOS – you can simply go tap, tap, tap, put in your time and that’s all you really have to do.

How does that information get from a smartphone to corporate offices?

This will synchronize with the cloud or with the desktop. It starts with bringing down your projects all your clients, your projects, your tasks. They all go down to the phone. Now you have those you can then log time or expenses against those projects. And then this will synchronize back to the cloud the information goes straight up. You are then able to access the information immediately.

So you’re saying when people actually log in their expenses it sends that back so that they can get a check back for any expenses that may have accrued.

Yes, or the company can see the expenses that have been logged for their consultants out in the field. But you can use this right in your own office. You don’t have to be in the field, if you happen to pull out your phone, you want to log some time, instead of sitting down at the computer you can do that.

That’s awesome. Before the cameras started rolling we were actually talking that clients can actually check the progress of their projects. Tell me about that. That’s pretty interesting.

There’s another addition of Standard Time called Project Bot. This addition you would give to your client. So typically consultants would give this to their clients, clients then can use their own special login ID, it will pull down all of their projects, it will pull down all the time and expenses that you’ve logged as consultants out in the field against their project. Pull down onto their phone, look at it and see exactly what’s been done.

That’s amazing. Why don’t you tell everyone how they can actually download this app.

Probably should go out to our website which is stdtime.com. When you go to the download link you will see all four additions. You’ll see the web, there is the windows addition, you’ll see the iOS addition and then you’ll see the Android. So all 4 icons are right there.

So you heard it here today. Go to the website and download it your free version.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYucC7tCluM


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