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The goal of this blog is to provide tips and ideas for improving time tracking and project managment for our customers and other interested people.

Task Linking for Engineering


If you’re operating an engineering or manufacturing shop, you may already be using Standard Time® for task management and tracking.

But did you know Standard Time also has task dependencies?

A task dependency is when one task must be completed before another starts. The two are linked. So it’s sometimes called “Task Linking”.

Very handy for project planning.

Consider using task linking in Standard Time to manage your next project!

Download right now from stdtime.com

Employee Project Status


Look out over your manufacturing shop floor. What do you see?

It’s a beehive of employee activity.

But what are they all doing?

  • What jobs are they working on right now?
  • Which tasks?
  • And for what customers?

That’s easy to see with the Standard Time® “Employee Status” screen. Just look up on the “big screen” and see:

  • Names
  • Projects
  • Hours
  • And recent activity

Now you’re twice as efficient!

Get Standard Time from stdtime.com/manufacturing.htm today!

Work In Progress Shop Status


What is the first thing you look for when catching a flight at the airport?

The “Departures” screen, right?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something like that for your manufacturing floor? For job status…

You could see:

  • Where jobs are now
  • Who’s working on them
  • And when they’ll end

Plus, you’d see:

  • Your favorite KPI’s
  • And work order status

That’s all in the Work In Progress screen in Standard Time®

Get it at www.stdtime.com/manufacturing.htm

Project Management for Manufacturing and Engineering


Everyone knows, manufacturing shops need project management.

It’s not just about milling and molding. That’s only the manufacturing part.

What about the projects behind those jobs? The engineering… The planning…

Got a solution for that?

We’ve got the perfect tool for your project management. It’s called Standard Time®.

What can you do with it?

  • Create task lists
  • Schedule jobs
  • Scan jobs with barcodes
  • Compare estimates with actuals

Exactly what you need?

Find us at: www.stdtime.com/manufacturing.htm

Timesheet Hours in Excel


Everyone says timesheets and spreadsheets don’t mix. Nobody tracks time in a spreadsheet anymore. And spreadsheets and timesheets just don’t work together.

But guess what?

They do now!

Introducing XLST, the new tool for Standard Time® timesheets!

Now you can pull timesheet data into Microsoft® Excel®, and view it any way you like.

  • Any format
  • Any style
  • Any way that works for you

Try XLST with your favorite timesheet: Standard Time.


Billing Clients for Work Orders


Manufacturing managers:

How do you track client-billable time for work orders? You know… for invoicing?

  • Do you use a time tracking system?
  • Or are operators on the shop floor still writing down their hours?
  • Or… are you just guessing… and hoping for the best?

Why not scan work orders with a barcode scanner, and automatically generate client invoices?

All you need is a barcode scanner

And Standard Time

Check us out at:


Track Time and Inventory


Hello manufacturing managers!

You already know that Standard Time® tracks time. Put a barcode scanner on the shop floor, and you instantly have manufacturing metrics.

But did you also know that the same scanner can be used for inventory and bill of materials?

Just scan materials, and they are deducted from inventory. Plus, they can be automatically reordered when low.

So… grab a barcode scanner and track both time and materials.

With Standard Time!


Automate your Manufacturing Shop


Manufacturing managers!

You know you need to automate your shop.

  • But you’re not sure how long processes take
  • You’re not sure which processes to trim
  • And you’re not sure where to start

Why not start with a barcode scanner? And Standard Time®?

You’ll learn:

  • What consumes the most time
  • What costs you the most
  • And where bottlenecks occur

Then you can trim… and test again. All with just a barcode scanner and Standard Time.


Task Status from the Mfg Floor


Is this scene familiar in your manufacturing shop?

Actor1: Where’s that big job?

Actor2: What big job?

Actor1: You know… the one we started last week.

Actor2: Oh yeah, that one. I don’t know, boss.


Here’s how they do it with Standard Time:

  1. Pull out a barcode scanner
  2. Scan the job status
  3. Scan the task status
  4. Look up and see it on the big screen

Upgrade your manufacturing shop

With a barcode scanner

And Standard Time!



Barcode Inventory and Bill of Materials


Here’s a new inventory management idea for your manufacturing shop! Combine the automation of barcodes and scripts. Try these steps in Standard Time® • Scan your Bill of Materials to deduct every item from inventory • When inventory drops, items are automatically reordered • Now scan them as they arrive at the back door • Inventory levels spring back like magic!

Get Standard Time and a barcode scanner today!

See more at: http://www.stdtime.com

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