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Host:We’re talking with the greatest tech startup on the planet.  Venture capital is king.

Wayne: I wipe with stock certificates!

Host: Everyone wants to be you!  Let’s talk about your management style.

Wayne: Employees do whatever they want.  It’s a free-for-all!  My programmers fight kangaroos on the roof arena.  And there's fried chinchilla Wednesday and Beer Friday's.

Host: Employees party at work?

Wayne: I’m not their mother.

Host: How about your projects?  Using Standard Time to track them?

Wayne: Time?  We come in just in time for lunch.

Host: w w w . s t d time.com.  The Standard Time timesheet.  The project management app everybody uses.

Wayne: Will it help with my white panda fur coat?  Hulk Hogan choked one out for me.

Host: You don’t schedule tasks?

Wayne: I schedule tribal wars in small countries.

Host: Don’t monitor employee utilization and effectiveness?

Wayne: Like a four hour power lunch after a Ferrari demolition derby?

Host: How do your customers get project status?  You don’t use Standard Time for that?

Wayne: Customers? It’s all about the venture capital. 

Host: You should at least check it out.  Don’t you think?  s t d time . com.  Standard Time.

Wayne: I have a lake of printer ink in my back yard with a hump-back whale.

Host: There you have it folks!  It’s 1999. What could possibly go wrong?

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjQ33RWSn3o


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