Want a nice addition to your timesheet? Try task linking?

Huh? What does task linking have to do with timesheets? And why would I consider it an improvement?

Watch the video below, and scroll down for some ideas to consider. In short, a small amount of task management rounds out a timesheet nicely. Task linking is one of those small helpful things.


consultants love ST

"Little things like this made the timesheet so much better"



Timesheets are more than just projects and tasks

Sure, you can get by with a simple time entry system. And sometimes those are just what you need. But what if you could add a little task management without sacrificing timesheet simplicity. What if, in addition to entering timesheet hours, you had the ability to link tasks to represent the realities of your project?


consultants love ST

"Employees don't even know tasks are managed"

"They just tap, tap, and go"


And what if you could assign tasks to employees, so only they could see them in the timesheet? And enter hourly caps so employees couldn't exceed your client agreements? Those might be some some small additions to enhance your timesheet, and make it meet real needs. These are the hidden little things that make a timesheet better than another. These are the thoughtful things. And if you don't need task management now, you may in the future.

Here are ten more tools for PM's you should consider.


Seeing only tasks that are relevant to you

Did you know that the timesheet can display only tasks that are assigned to you? That means you don't see the full project schedule, and all the tasks that don't apply to you. You see only what's relevant to you.


consultants love ST

"Tasks due this week are the most relevant to me"


You can choose to see only the upcoming tasks that you should be focused on. Consider the timesheet filter choices below.




How do these timesheet filter choices work with task linking? Here's how: When tasks are linked and scheduled, they have a starting and finish date. (The due dates may also be set to be the same as the finish date.) That means employees can show only the tasks that are about to start soon, or are due soon. Those are sometimes the most relevant and pressing tasks to be completed.


consultants love ST

"True. But I like to see what's coming up also"



Task links make schedules that represent reality

It's obvious that some tasks cannot start before others have finished. The foundation and roof example in the video is a good one. But there are other linking scenarios that also represent reality. Here's a task linking video that may help.

  1. Multiple tasks may need to be completed before another can start
  2. There may be a lag time after one task finishes because another can start
  3. A task may start slightly before another finishes

Consider implementing strategies like these above to improve your project scheduling. Good project scheduling leads to good delivery dates.


consultants love ST

"Design tasks alway start one week before requirements are finished"


Text of the video:

Project managers like task linking. And they like using ST® to do it.

Here’s why:

First off, some tasks just cannot start until others finish. Sort of like finishing the foundation and framing before installing a roof. Project managers like task links because they reflect reality.

1. When tasks slip, schedules are bumped out

2. Emails inform team members of task status

3. Project completion dates become a little clearer

Click to try task linking.


Watch the YouTube consulting and project management playlist








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