Hey, Sparky! Where's your time tracking gear? What... time tracking? You heard me... where's your client timesheet app? For tracking client billable hours and job details?

Didn't know you needed one?

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"That's right, I didn't know I needed a timesheet app"


Electrical contractors need timesheets and timekeeping apps too. How else will you know your effective billing rates... or your average revenue... or average job cost? Those are just some of the things an electrical shop needs for the business side of things. It's not just voltmeters and plyers anymore. It's a whole lot more. Computers and smartphones... got them?

Download our timesheet and give us a call. We'll talk you through it. But first, scroll down for some reasons why electricians can use timekeeping apps.



consultants love ST

"Give me one good reason why I need to track my time"



Your time is more important than your electrical skills

Okay, you can wire a 600 amp panel in a week. 220 is a pleasant dream. 440 three phase doesn't even phase you. Nice! Good for you.

But if you're scrambling from one place to another, and taking shortcuts to finish jobs, and burning the candle at both ends, you will eventually die. Time becomes one of those highly cherished treasures you want more of.

So how does tracking time give you more of it?

Scroll down for the answer. (But don't forget to download the app.)



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consultants love ST

"I've seen worse"




You're losing about five percent of your revenue, and don't even know it

Or put another way, you could be working five percent fewer hours.

You lose revenue when these pesky little things happen:

  1. You forget to bill a client altogether
  2. You forgot to bill just a few hours this month (it doesn't take much to equal five percent)
  3. You lose business because you can't remember the details of a job (more on that below)
  4. You don't apear as competent as the next guy (who has the details of ever job on his phone)
  5. You show up a half-hour late, and can't bill those few extra minutes

You may not realize it, but all this stuff adds up. It's probably closer to ten percent of your revenue, if you're honest about it.



consultants love ST

"Saving my time in a smartphone app gave me back two hours a week"




You can't remember what you did on your last two jobs

Your jobs happen so fast and furious that, when asked, you can't say exactly what you did on any particular one. Your customer asks about some detail, and you don't even remember the job. Or the house, or the structure. You can't even remember the materials. Was it 12 gauge or 14 gauge? Probably 12... Oh, I hope it wasn't 14! And that last big commercial job... was that single-ought or double-ought?

A timetracking app remembers those things.

You jot them down on your smartphone timekeeping app, and it remembers for you. Go back a month later, and there it is! Oh yeah! That was double-ought gauge wire we used on that job. Oh, I remember now.

So you see? This is more than keeping track of time. It's keeping track of jobs so you won't look like a fool later.


consultants love ST

"I felt like such a fool, but not any more"





Video transcription: Hey, Sparky! You’re an electrical contractor, and you’ve been zapped so many times, you work as if everything is hot.

You wear your gloves, check power, and stay safe. But here’s one thing you’ve probably forgotten: Tracking client jobs with Standard Time®.

Don’t let this shock you, but you’re losing some huge business intel.

    • Billable verses non-billable time
    • Your effective billing rate
    • Average time for client jobs
    • Mileage deductions

Download Standard Time, and light it up for every job!


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