Windows and Web Platforms

You can use both Windows and Web platforms, and get the same functionality!  Don't settle for web only.


Finding a timesheet that runs on both Windows and Web can be a challenge.  Many only run on the web.  And a whole lot more just run on Windows or another platform like iPhone or Android.  It is hard to find a good product that runs on both platforms.  Fortunately, this one does!

Web access is important.  (So is Windows, but we'll get to that in a  bit...)  You need a web-based timesheet that you can access from client  offices, home, the airport, or anywhere in between.  You also need a nice  web-based mobile interface that you can hit with your iPhone or Android.  Without that, you're missing half the access time you need.  A Windows-only solution is not enough.

Conversely, a web-only solution is also not enough.  At least half the time you are sitting in a nice air-conditioned office.  And the best interface for that is native Windows.  It's quick and painless to log your time and  get out.  Native Windows apps are almost always the best solution for administrators who manage a system every day.  Entering new clients, tasks, invoices, is a time-intensive job so any advantages you can get will help.

So, that's why we offer both Windows and Web platforms.  And we don't charge extra for it!

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