Similarities between the Timesheet and Time Log views.



These two views: Timesheet and Time Log are close relatives.  They actually display the same records -- time records.  In other words, the same records you see in the timesheet are also displayed in the time log view.  The timesheet displays them in a M-F and S, S grid view, while the time log displays them in a top-to-bottom list.

You can actually use the Time Log view to find records you may be looking for -- records that may not show up as nicely in the timesheet.  After clicking the Time Log tab you should click the yellow "X" at the top of the view.  This removes any filtering you might have used in the past and displays all records.  The date of each record, and notes, are visible clues to the records you may be looking for.  If there are too many records to deal with, you can filter the Time Log view by date, client, project, or employee.  This reduces the number of records, showing only those that meet the filter criteria.  Then simply click a record to edit it.  Make sure to click the yellow "X" at the top of the Time Log view to remove filtering so you don't forget it later.  If you don't see the records you expect, filtering could be reason.

The Time Log view has the ability to show more data than you initially see.  Simply choose View, Columns to see a list.  Interesting fields such as Project, Client, Client rate, Cost client, User, Billable, Billed, etc. are all available as columns to add.

The Timesheet also has another mode called the "Graphical Timesheet."  Simply click the small gray icon in the upper-left corner of the timesheet and choose "Daily Hours."  This graphical timesheet lets you see how the same record are arranged by day and hour.  You may see overlapping hours, which you can rectify by clicking and dragging.  When you do, the normal timesheet and time log views are updated with your changes.

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