Quick Tasks for Timing and Timesheet

Start and stop a timer with a single click using Quick Tasks.


The timesheet actually has many different ways to use it. One of those is called Quick Tasks. Quick Tasks are a way to start and stop the timer, which automatically puts your project hours into the timesheet. (Choose View, Quick Tasks to see the window.) Each time log record has a start and stop time, and  the actual duration of work. Those are just the right ingredients to place in the timesheet. So this means you can click, click, click through your day, and automatically update the timesheet with project work.

As you see in the video, the Quick Task window primarily contains a list of your projects. These are only the projects you are assigned to, and only the tasks you are assigned to. You may not see tasks assign to other employees. Only the ones relevant to you are shown.

Next to each task is a checkbox. Simply click the checkbox to start the timer, and click it again to stop. Alternatively, you can click another checkbox to stop the previous timer and start another. As you do, the hours are automatically entering into the timesheet. What may not be obvious is that clicking the Quick Task checkbox is also updating the Timer menu. The Timer menu has menu choices to start and stop the timer. When you click the Quick Task checkboxes, you are enabling and disabling those menu items accordingly.

So how do you populate the Quick Task Window?

Begin by choosing Tools, Projects. Here, you can create new projects that are assigned to clients and employees. Most of the properties are optional. All you really need is a name. After creating projects, you can add tasks to them.  Choose Insert, New Project Task. Make sure to click the Quick Task checkbox.  When you do, the new task will show up in the list. It will also show up in the  timesheet. Now all you have to do is click on the checkbox next to a task name to start the timer.

But what if you forget to stop the timer when you leave for the day? Most  likely, Standard Time will automatically shut the task off during the night. But  it only does this if you are not using your computer. If there are no mouse  movements or keyboard events, the timer will eventually stop. You’ll still probably have to reset the correct time the next day. But at least it won’t run  all night.

Check out the tray icon in the lower-right corner of your screen. When you click  it, you’ll see the same list of Quick Tasks in the pop-up menu. You can also start and stop the timer by simply choosing a task from the menu.

Quick Tasks make life easy. They are optional, but a lot of people use them to automatically fill in the timesheet.

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