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Skip the IT hassles and have Scoutwest host your timesheet.  Here's a preview.


Question: Should you choose to have Scoutwest host the timesheet for you, or should you self-host it on your own servers?  The chart below may help.   The choice is largely based on your internal IT resources.  Do you have the IT staff to install and maintain server-based applications?  If so,  in-house self-hosting might be a good option.


  Hosted Solution In-House Self-Hosted
Platforms 100% Windows-based Edition 100% Windows-based Edition Windows Edition
Access Browser only Browser and workstation app
IT Maintenance Handled for you Handled by you
Cost Pay yearly One-time perpetual license + yearly support
Tech Support Included Pay yearly
Product Upgrades Included Pay yearly for maintenance
Features All user and admin features All user and admin features Direct MS Project Integration Direct QuickBooks Integration


As the video points out, the biggest issue is your IT resources.  If you're  a small company that only needs an in-house Windows app, then this is non-issue.   But if you are a medium-sized company then you must choose whether you want to  commit in-house IT support to hosting a timesheet solution.  Some companies outsource their IT support; others cannot get small projects like application  hosting from them.  In other words, sometimes IT departments are so busy they can't jump on new application hosting projects like this.  It's  certainly a small task, but not when you've got twenty others in line ahead of  this one.  In those cases it's simpler to sign up for our hosting program,  with allows you to start using the timesheet app almost immediately.  We host it so you don't have to mess with the IT hassles.

As we said earlier, small companies that just need a Windows timesheet can  simply install the app onto their workstations and connect to a shared database.   That's a quick solution that may not require IT resources.

Medium-sized and large companies may also opt for in in-house on-premise  solution.  In that case, you could take advantage of both Windows and Web  editions.  Both versions connect to the same SQL database so you see the  same data on both platforms, plus you have equivalent features on both.  As  the video points out, there are slight advantages to the Windows Edition, but  they are minimal.  Contact our sales department for full details.

There is also a pricing difference between the hosted solution and perpetual  licenses.  The hosted solution is a subscription model so you pay every 12  months.  You always get the latest version of software and all support.   Perpetual licenses don't require you to pay every year unless you want the  maintenance and support.  Again, contact our sales department for details.

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