Columns of Data for Display

Display all the data you collect in the various views.


Columns are used to customized and display data in the various views and timesheet within the  program.  For instance, in the Project Tasks tab, you might like to see which users the tasks are assigned to.  Simply choose View, Columns.  Click on the "Users" column and then click Add.  Now the column will be displayed in the Project Tasks tab.

Columns can also be displayed in the timesheet.  The process is the same.  Just choose View, Columns to display various columns that may be helpful when  filling out your timesheet.

Each tab along the top of the program has different columns you can display:

1. Project Tasks: Task related data such as start date, duration, percent complete, user assignments

2. Timesheet: Also task related data for each project and task displayed in the timesheet

3. Time Logs: Historical records for all logged time such as actual work, start date, employee, client and salary rates

4. Expenses: Amount, date, employee, project, etc

5. Invoices: Client, amount, due date, partial payment, etc

6. Time Off: Vacation, PTO, Sick, Personal, dates, hours, etc


Also see: Video: Timesheet and Time Log


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