Cloud-based Timesheet

Manage and fill out your timesheet in the cloud.  See how employees can access timesheets from anywhere.


Cloud-based solutions are the fastest to deploy.  Actually in some cases you don't deploy them at all.  For our Hosted solution, you sometimes get started with hours.  Just sign up for the 12-Month Hosted solution and we'll do all the rest.  You could be entering timesheet hours within that same day, and not mess with all the IT server maintenance -- firewalls, servers,  databases, connectivity uptime, etc.  It's all taken care of for you so you can focus on your business.  That's Software as a Service, or SaaS for short.  This video describes the product you'll interact with: Standard  Time®.

Actually, our cloud-based timesheet can be hosted on your own servers.  You can choose our servers or yours, but the timesheet product is the same.  So the term cloud, or cloud computing, simply means web-based or internet-based.   You simply access the timesheet with a web address that's accessible outside the  firewall.  Open a browser and connect to a URL.  Simple!

Of course the big advantage of a 100% hosted solution is simplicity.   Services in the cloud have none of the server maintenance issues that  self-hosted systems do.  Your employees simply log on with a username and  password.  All the clients and tasks are there to log time to.   Administrators can add new projects, clients, employees, billing rates, and all  the other shared resources for your company.  They have full rights to  administer product features and employee access.  Employees can be set up  to access the timesheet only, or the other features, or be full administrators.   All the timesheet features are in the cloud, nothing is on your local computer.

Our cloud-based timesheet uses Microsoft technologies.  (Only applicable  for self-hosted solutions.)  It runs on a Microsoft IIS Web Server and  Microsoft SQL Server.  The application is based on Microsoft.NET Framework.  The server requirements are minimal, in other words the  application will run on almost any hardware.

If you self-host our cloud-based timesheet, you should consider also deploying  the Windows-based version.  You actually get licenses for both the  Web-based and Windows-based timesheet.  That lets you deploy them both on your systems.  They will share a database so you have access to your data both in the cloud and on your desktop.  Many of our competitors do not offer a Windows-based solution.  Windows apps can in some cases be snappier and more feature robust.  So make sure you get both, or don't do the deal.

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